Make sure that the disk image file and with the distribution of the operating system Linux, which you have downloaded has the extension iso, or ISO.It - short abbreviations to ISO 9660 - the names of the international standard for the format of the CD-ROM s for storing files.Today, in this format, and the images are available DVD- drive s.
Learn to record on a disc (CD or DVD) is an image file.If it says nothing, define it in terms of the file.If it exceeds 700 megabytes, image for recording on DVD.
Check whether the drive is writing to the carrier of the type which is used for the image file.If so, get the appropriate media.In both cases, it may be intended for write-once (then denoted by the letter R - recordable), or rewritable
(then labeled abbreviation RW - rewritable).In the second case, it can be erased and re-recorded, such as the release of new versions of the chosen distribution of Linux.
installed on your computer to record s drive, if it has not.For Linux, we can recommend the application K3b and Grafburn, for Windows - Small CD Writer.If you drive in a car more than one, then you start you get to choose the right ones.
If disc is writable, and it contains data that you no longer need (make sure this is true), perform with the help of the program disk cleaning well.
Select program recording mode ISO-disk image.Do not select the recording mode regular files, otherwise you will get after the recording on the disc ie only the file extension ISO.Of course, boot the machine from this disk and will not be.
Select the ISO-image you want to record.To record.Do not attempt to open the drive prematurely, or drive will be spoiled.If it is a write-once, then he would be ruined forever.Wait for the program itself will not tell you that the recording is over.Some programs are removed disk automatically.
If a distribution is made up of several drive s, repeat the operation for the remaining ISO-images.
received disk or disk set s with the distribution of the operating system Linux, perform its installation.In order not to lose the data on an internal hard drive e novice users it is recommended to exclude the loss of data at a time to turn it off, and connect the other, and further to choose which OS to boot the physical changeover of hard disk s.Remember that the "hot" method, in contrast to the USB-devices, they can not be switched.In the future, if you wish you learn how to install two different operating systems on a common hard drive .