Tip 1: How do I log in windows administrator

Forgot your password to log in?It does not have sufficient rights to perform these actions (installing and removing programs, view, and modify the hidden folders, etc.).All of these issues can be solved.having administrator rights.How to log on to Windows as an administrator ?You can do this in two ways.
first method.You can get into Windows as an administrator by clicking 2 times a combination of three keys Alt + Ctrl + Delete.In the standard login window, write the word administrator, enter the password and login.
second method.You must download to Windows in "Safe Mode."For it is when you start Windows, press F8, the pop-up menu, select the boot "Safe Mode" and press Enter.Log on as a user account with administrator rights.When the computer is in this mode, then the corners of the screen will be written on safe mode to start the normal operation it is necessary to make a normal reboot of the system.
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Tip 2: How to access Windows XP administrator

Some operating systems to perform certain actions need of administrator rights.This applies to most Windows operating systems and XP as well.
How to access Windows XP administrator
to log in to Windows XP as an administrator, there are several proven ways.In rare cases, this operation can be perform without knowing a password to any of the existing members.
First, consider the simplest situation.Turn on the computer and wait for the operating system.The display shows a list of existing users.Select that one that has administrator rights and enter the operating system by using this account.
If you have already entered the operating system using a different account, then you still have the opportunity to run the application.Right-click on the file you want to open and select "Run as administrator".This opens a window that contains two fields.Enter the name of an account that has administrator privileges and the password for it.This method allows to save the time required for switching between the users.
But sometimes there are situations when you do not know the password for the administrator account.In this case, you must make a simple algorithm of actions.
Restart the computer and press F12 during the start of his run.Before you open the menu choices continue booting.Move the cursor to "Safe Mode Windows» and press Enter.
Wait for the operating system.When the display window for selecting accounts, pay attention to the emergence of a new user name - admin.Most likely, the password for this account is not installed.Log into the operating system using this account.
Open the Control Panel and go to "Account Management".Create a new account with administrator privileges.
Restart the computer and log in to the operating system using the account you created.
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