you need
  • - computer;
  • - pack K-Lite;
  • - program Virtual Dub;
  • - program Avidemux;
  • - a package of background documents on the reproducing apparatus.
If you want to convert your existing video file to DivX with little difficulty, use a free program Avidemux.By installing this program, open the desired video file in the Video tab and select the MPEG-4 ASP (lavc).In the Audio tab is best to put MP3.
If desired, you can change the parameters of the Video and Audio, using the appropriate tabs Filtres.Then, in the File menu, select Save, hereinafter - Save Video.Specify the file name and extension.The standard extension files encoded in DivX, is AVI.Convert the file will take some time.
program Avidemux uses a built-in codec DivX.This version of the codec may not reflect your hardware decoding player.It is possible that you need the older codec DivX.In this case, use the Virtual Dub.To use this program you need to install on your computer codec pack K-Lite.
Launch Virtual Dub and open it in the appropriate video file.The Video menu tab Compression.Here you will provide a wide range of codecs.For video settings up to HD 720p, you can use the codec DivX 4.02.Of the proposed versions of the codec you need to choose the one that best suits you.DivX 4.02 Fast Motion better conveys the rapid movement, and DivX 4.02 Low Motion different study of the best parts.
Virtual Dub program is stored by default compression sound available from the source file.If you need to change the codec and audio parameters, use the menu tab Audio.Again, the choice of becoming a better codec to mp3.It is not necessary to install the audio bit rate higher than that of the original file, it will not improve the quality of play, but will increase the size of the future movie.
before converting definitely consider frame size and aspect ratio.The choice here depends on the device where you will be treated to view the video.For example, if your TV has an aspect ratio 4: 3, you may have to resort to fill the top and bottom margins neutral (preferably black) color.The program Virtual Dub you can do this using a filter Resize.
With Resize Filter, you can also resize the frame.This action is dictated by the hardware capabilities of the player, as the excess of the maximum frame size can lead to brake failure or playback device.