Make a backup of your hard drive before you start the operating system update.Do not neglect this step, as a backup in the event of a failed upgrade, keep the old version of the system intact.It is also worth checking the disk for errors.To do this, go to "Applications" and select "Utilities."From the list that appears on the left, click on the boot drive and click 'Check'.
If your computer runs on a PowerPC, you have the option to update your version of OS to the Leopard 10.5."Leopard" is the latest version that runs on the processor Motorola, and to install it, you will need to purchase a DVD-ROM into one of the official store Apple.After you insert it into the drive, follow the instructions
on the screen.
In the case where you have as a processor design from Intel (even the earliest versions), logical to go directly to the version of Snow Leopard.To install it, you will need a 5 GB hard drive and 1 GB of "RAM.""Snow Leopard", as the previous version, applies only to a DVD-ROM.
to update the following versions need access to the Internet, as the company liquidates the wheels of the dissemination of the new OS.For example, to go to the Snow Leopard on Mountain Lion, you first need to update the original version.This is done via the Apple online.After you install the latest update to version 10.6.8 on your Mac will be a program which downloads new versions of Apple's online store called Mac Store.
to upgrade to Mountain Lion, Check the performance of your device with the requirements.You should have 2 GB of RAM and 8 GB of hard disk space.If so, feel free to go in the Mac Store and download an updated "OSes".It will cost you about $ 19.99.
After installing this version, you can get the latest version of the operating bonus of Apple called Mavericks.Loyalty, it is not only because it has several advantages over previous versions and native Windows OS, but also because it is free.Download version is available by clicking the Mac App Store and clicking on "Download" next to OS X Mavericks.The necessary information on the compatibility of the operating system with computers can be found by clicking on the link at the end of the article.