you need
  • - computer;
  • - Disc Windows XP;
  • - USB support.
store personal data.All documents, pictures and videos that you are located in the folder "My Documents", "My Pictures" and so on. N., As well as a file on the desktop, you must copy to another partition.The entire disc "C" after formatting the system will be cleared.For example, copy all important data to disk directory «D».You can also transfer all the special USB drive.
restart the computer by inserting the disc into the drive system.To this time the computer to boot to the hard drive and from the system drive, carefully read the labels arising on a black screen just after turning on the computer.The most common variant - «Press F12 to get into BOOT-menu», but the labels m
ay be different.Press the F12 key on the keyboard and in the list that appears, select the optical drive.It is easy to find on a combination of letters «CD» or «DVD».
waits until the system disk will load the necessary files.When it displays information on the screen and prompts you to select which partition to install on the system .If your system drive is made in Russian - then you're in luck.If the English, take a dictionary or Call someone for help.Install all the system disk.
choose a section "C", and presses "Enter" key on your keyboard.The computer will tell you that this section already have an operating system, and propose options for further work, "continue installation", "format the partition" or "back".Select "Format" and once again agree with the system.
Watch for installation of the operating system.The computer will likely restart will display messages about the version of Windows, ask the time zone and other default settings.Patiently answered.About half an hour (depending on the speed of your computer) to download the latest operating system.
Now you will only have to install drivers for devices that you need to be on the disks, as well as your favorite programs and games.Try to avoid in the future the critical state of the computer, as it affects the work as a whole.