you need
  • - CCleaner;
  • - administrator account.
to control the startup parameters in the operating system Windows Seven, there are several methods.Start by checking the contents of a particular directory.Open the "Start" menu, and expand the list of "All Programs."
Open catalog "Startup."Examine the contents and remove the labels of those programs that do not need to be run in conjunction with the operating system.
Simultaneously press the "Start" and R. The Complete Open box command msconfig, and press Enter.Wait until the start menu titled "System Configuration".Go to the tab "Startup".
Examine the list of programs that are located in the "Startup Items".Remove the check mark from the u
tility for which you want to cancel this function.Click the Ok button in the new menu, select "Restart later".Place a pre-tick next to "Do not show this window in the future."
If you wish to use additional software to configure startup, install the free utility CCleaner.You can download it from the developer's site the program and open it.
Click the "Tools" and open the sub-menu "Startup".Select the unwanted program and then click "Disable".Likewise, disable automatic startup of other applications.Restart the computer after making the changes and make sure that the selected programs will no longer run.If you disable important components, return them to the Startup menu.
If you want to disable automatic startup of the services of Windows, open the menu "System Configuration", as described in the third step.Select the "Services".Uncheck the unnecessary components.Click "Apply" and restart your computer.