Left-click on the "Start" button, which is placed on the taskbar to open the main menu of the operating system.Taskbar - a strip placed along one side of the desktop.By default, the bottom side - in this case the "Start" button need to look at the left edge of the panel.It is possible to move the tray to any other edge of the screen.When placing it vertically "Start" will be at the top edge of the panel.The latest versions of the OS on the button there is no default label "Start".
If the taskbar along with a button to access the main menu is not visible on the screen, move the mouse curso
r turns to each side of the desktop.This panel can operate in "stealth" mode, ie only appear in summing up the cursor to it and the rest of the time to stay outside of the visible screen area of ​​the desktop.
Press one of the buttons win, located on the bottom row of the keyboard - this action should also lead to the disclosure of the main menu system, regardless of whether you see on the screen "Start" button.
If both the above method does not open the main menu, it might not work one of the services of the operating system that is responsible for this function.You can try to force a corresponding element of the OS.To do this, press the key combination ctrl + alt + delete, and in the Task Manager window that opens, locate the "New Task" at the bottom of the tab "Applications" - click on it to run programs, open dialogue.
type explorer and click «OK» button or press Enter.Running this program should lead to the restoration of normal functioning of the keys to access the main menu of the operating system.