If the program does not start, try to open the executable file via the right mouse button submenus.By clicking on the .exe file, select "Open With."Look at the list of programs, find the one that has previously been used to work on the computer.Again, try to run the program.
If the program does not start, determine the reason for which violates the associative links files.There are several options.Practice shows that most often the user is faced with the problem of lost files due to the association of system failure or virus attack.
downloaded from the Internet free antivirus utility.The most successful proven CureIt (Dr Web) and CleanAutoRun (Kaspersky Lab).These tools work similarly.They provide the remov
al from the register of OS Windows spare keys, preventing the launch of domestic utilities, debugging associative file system links.After that, the utility restores deleted or corrupted registry keys of related components Userinit, System and Shell.It remains only to restart the computer and get to work.
When scanning of anti-virus program did not find anything suspicious, but the program still does not run, try to rectify the situation with the help of utilities OS Windows.To do this, double-click on the icon "My Computer", then - "Tools" and "Folder Options."Click the item "Files of type".New window opens the list of permissions files stored on your computer.Highlight a line designated as .exe.
Click on the item "New file resolution."A new dialog box in which you want the text box to type exe.The submenu "Type of file associations", select "Application" and confirm the end of the procedure by pressing the OK button.Try to run the executable file again to verify the correctness of the settings.