As you use the computer there is a significant fragmentation of the hard disk, which slows down system performance.It is necessary to defragment the hard drive, by opening "Start - All Programs - Accessories - System Tools - Disk Defragmenter."In the window that opens, select the drive, click "analysis".In the event that the drive needs to be defragmented, click the appropriate inscription.
One reason for the slow start time and off computer is the large number of programs that start automatically.When installing the software, many programs add themselves to startup, so you should regularly clean the Startup folder.The most convenient way to use this program Aida64 (aka Everest).Run in the window that opens, select "Programs - Startup."Remove the birds from those prog
rams that you do not need.
Clean Startup folder can be and with the help of built-in utilities Windows.Open the "Start - Run", type msconfig, and click "OK".In the window that opens, click the Startup tab, remove the birds with unnecessary programs and save your changes.
significantly slow down Windows old and erroneous entries in the system registry.When you install and uninstall of the entries in the registry is, it increases in size, which affects the speed of loading and off computer.You should regularly clean the registry with the appropriate tools, to correct his mistakes.Very easy to use program is CSleaner.With it you can not only clean the registry, but watch out for the Startup folder.
On the speed of your computer and affects the number of running services.Many of the services involved not only the average user does not need, but even dangerous - for example, the Remote Registry service.Find a list of online services that can be disabled.To disable open: "Start - Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Services".Double-click the mouse to be stopped service in the window that opens, click "Stop".Then, in the way of start menu, select "Disabled."