you need
  • - A computer running Windows Vista.
left-click "Start" button, then click on the tab "All Programs."Next in the list, select "Standard."A list of standard programs for a family of operating system Windows.Among them will be the command line.Click with the left mouse button, and run the command line.
Another way to run a command line .Click "Start".At the very bottom is a search string.Enter in this line cmd.exe, and then press Enter.In a second search results appear and will be placed on sections.The top section is called a "program.
"There will be a command line.
If you need to run the command line administrator, you can do it well.Click on the command line, right-click.This opens the context menu.It will command "Run as administrator".Also, with this menu, you can fix the command line on the taskbar and in the "Start" menu.This can be done, if you often need to run it.
To display a certificate of the command line and learn about its capabilities in Windows Vista, you must therefore run this same command line , then enter into the command line help.On the left is a list of available commands, and on the right side - a description of these commands.
If you need to open a command line in Safe Mode, then select an option in the boot of the operating system you need to choose the "Starting Windows Command Prompt."Open a command line in safe mode can be exactly the same manner as in the normal operation of the operating system, though some teams in this case may not be available.