list of existing operating system is big enough, but in most cases, the computer is running Windows XP, Windows 7 or one of the distributions of Linux.On the computers of the family Macintosh operating system is Mac OS.Given that Macintosh computers are found in dozens of times less IBM-compatible models, a simple user is unlikely to meet them.
To determine the operating system on the exterior design, look on the desktop.Many Windows XP users do not change is the default theme, so to define an operating system very easily."Start" button is in the shape of a rectangle, the desktop screen saver with the standard image of a green meadow and blue sky with clouds.
If the button "Start" round, you are likely dealing with Windows Vista, or Windows 7. The latter is more likely, as t
he "Seven" is much more popular than Vista.However, the design theme "Aero", typical of Windows 7 can be installed on XP.To accurately determine the version of the operating system, right-click the icon "My Computer" on the desktop and select the context menu "Properties".In the window that opens, you'll see information about the version of Windows.
very presence on the desktop icon "My Computer" says that you are dealing with Windows.Operating Systems Linux family, too, have their own characteristics.For example, if the taskbar is not in the bottom of the screen, as in Windows, and at the top, then you really are dealing with Linux.About Linux will testify, and the Quick Launch bar in the style of Mac OS with program icons located at the bottom of the taskbar.
on Linux can also specify "Start" button in the form gears, vertical row of large square buttons on the left side of the screen.Keep in mind that Linux has a lot more options for customizing the appearance of your desktop than operating systems from Microsoft.Any non-standard work desk with high probability indicates that the computer operating system Linux.
enough information about the version of Windows can be viewed via the command line.Open the "Start" - "All Programs" - "Accessories" - "Command Prompt", type systeminfo and press Enter.To get all available information about Windows, use the Aida64 (Everest).Run, get in the left column of the line "Operating System", click it with the mouse.In the right pane will be complete information about the version of the operating system.