Tip 1: How to Run as administrator

Many programs launched by the user on Windows Vista or Windows 7, run correctly or at all "hang" and closed with no explanation of the reasons for refusal to work.This happens because of the incomplete degree of user rights in relation to the programs, to be exact - to perform operations on them.In other words, the user or the guest computer, a non-administrator can often start the program, but to change and adjust to it something it prohibits the operating system.
How to be in this case?It's very simple - you need only run the program on behalf of administrator .This is done as follows: Click on the program shortcut that you want to start, right-click.In the context menu, select "Run name administrator ».
display is dimmed and the screen will display the dialog box "User Account Control".It asks you to confirm the launch of the program with administrator rights .Click "Yes."After a few seconds the program will start.

Tip 2: How to disable the "Run"

to ensure system security Windows developers are invited to work with an account of an experienced user, and programs need to run on behalf administrator.In versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7, constant UAC prompts for confirmation of actions can cause severe irritation of the happy owner of the computer.
Как отключить "Запуск от имени"
Expand "Administrative Tools" in the "Control Panel" and click on the snap "Services".Scroll down to "Secondary Logon".Call the context menu by clicking the right button on the name service and select "Properties."In the box "Type of startup" check list "Disabled".In the "Status" press "Stop" and confirmed the decision by clicking OK.
In Vista and Windows 7, you can disable the User Account Control - the most annoying UAC, which issues requests.In the "Control Panel" expand "Accounts ..." and go to "Change the control ...".Level slider move to the lowest position.UAC do not remind of itself.
in line to run programs (called combination Win + R), type msconfig, and in the configuration of the system, go to the tab "Tools."Scroll down to "Disable UAC» and press "Start."
However, the developers of Windows is not recommended to disable this service, frightening vulnerability of the system for malware.You can try to run program without a request from the UAC.Note the cursor shortcut and click Ctrl + Enter - start the program immediately by name administrator.
Right-click on the program icon and select "Properties" from the drop down menu.Go to the tab "Shortcut" and click "Advanced".Put a flag in the checkbox "Run as administrator name."In the tab "Compatibility" check "Run on behalf of administrator."In the pop-up menu you can immediately select "Run as administrator name."
menu bar run programs combination Win + R or select "Run" in the "Start" menu.Enter the desired command, and so name those combination Shift + Ctrl + Enter.The program will be launched on behalf of administrator without prompting UAC.


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