you need
  • - Nero;
  • - Alcohol 120%;
  • - Microsoft Windows XP Multilingual User Interface (MUI) Pack;
  • - the distribution of the operating system.
use the keyboard shortcut Alt + Shift to switch the keyboard layout.It is also possible to make the taskbar with Windows, pressing the switch input languages.This method is possible only if installed on your PC version has support for the Russian language and the layout has been added to the Control Panel.
If Russian layout, open the Control Panel of your computer and select "Regional and Language Options" in the window that appears, click the "Advanced" tab.Find the set button layout in the top right corner of the window and click on it.Look at the list of available keyboard layouts.Using the "Add" button on the right to include in this list
of Russian layout.
If your copy is installed in the Windows computer does not support the setting of certain languages, including Russian and layout, use the reinstall the software.Download or Russian language, best English-language version of the operating system.Record the image distribution on the disc with a program of Alcohol 120% or Nero.Note that before the creation of the project you need to specify exactly record multiboot disk.
Shut down the computer, perform the reinstallation of the operating system without formatting, select the item at the initial stage of installation.When you install, configure you need further language options, specify if you want the Russian default layout and complete the installation process.
also use the installing Microsoft Windows XP Multilingual User Interface (MUI) Pack, available via the link from the official server Microsoft.After its installation, your operating system will support the Russian language, however, is not always refers to the layout, in some cases it is not valid.