standard Start the Registry Editor Windows, which is included in the basic set of operating system components.To call it a shortcut in the context menu of "My Computer" on the desktop added a separate item, which is well marked - "Registry Editor."You can open it and run the program through dialogue - this is the window that appears after clicking the item "Run" in the main menu on the button "Start".In this window, it is necessary to conduct regedit, and press «OK».
Refine your search - select in the left pane interface that section, where to look for value that you want.If the search should be implemented throughout the
registry, click the string "My Computer."If you know which branch is the desired value, it is best to click it - so the search operation will take much less time.
Open in menu "Edit" and then click "Find."This will open a separate window for entering a search query.It can be run and pressing the shortcut keys CTRL + F. In this window, type the text that the program be found in the registry.If you know whether the desired value of the name of the section ("branches"), a parameter ("key") or a value, remove unnecessary marks in checkbox - this is also accelerate the search procedure.Click the button "Find Next" to launch the process.
Press F3 to continue the search, if the editor will find similar value, and the search process will stop, but the value of it will be not one that you need.
Programs to work with the registry from other manufacturers may provide an opportunity for more detailed configuration of search criteria.For example, the program RegAlyzer allows you to search by type of separate data by date and parameter used to search for regular expressions.