you need
  • - program MS PowerPoint or OpenOffice, installed on the computer.
Create a new or open an existing presentation in MS PowerPoint or OpenOffice.If you're using PowerPoint, click the inscription "Home" top menu and click on the "New Slide".Or right-click on an empty space in the area, which contains the tab "Slides" and "Structure" and select from the drop-down menu "New Slide".The new slide is inserted into the presentation .
Program OpenOffice insert the presentation slide by clicking on the tab of the upper menu "Insert" and then select "Slide" or click on the area where all slides, right-click and select "NewSlide. "
If you want to insert a duplicate slide, right-click on the slide you want to duplicate and
choose "Duplicate Slide" in MS PowerPoint.If you use OpenOffice, select the slide, click the "Insert" and then "Duplicate Slide."Duplicate slide will be inserted into your presentation .
Insert your new presentation slide from another presentation.Click on the slide that you want to copy, right-click and select "Copy."Open presentation , where you want to insert the image.Click to "slide" right click and click "Paste".If necessary, adjust the text or object on the slide.
Insert slides from another presentation in MS PowerPoint.Open presentation .In the navigation area, click on the slide after which you want to insert another slide presentation.Expand the "Home" in the top menu.In "Slides", click on the arrow next to the item "New Slide".Select "Insert slides from another presentation."Specify presentation , where you want to insert the slide.Click "OK".