In Microsoft Excel, you can, by specifying the parameters, create automatic chart patterns of programs, but these charts are neither clear nor aesthetics.Based on the final chart in Excel, you can create your own chart , more visual, concise and stylish, using the same parameters.
In previous diagrams get rid of all the excess.Your diagram should resemble an easy and intuitive graph, freed from unnecessary details, clear and aesthetic.To schedule was clear, it doe
s not use it more than two colors.Red, black and shades of these colors will be the best option for any diagram.This allows easy reading of information for each scale.Necessarily reflect the significant growth in the schedule settings.
If you have two charts, indicators which can be combined into a common schedule, use this opportunity - to make a common comfortable chart .Each parameter in the dye color.
Do not show the ratio of different parameters in a single column chart - such information can not be read by the viewer.Much better would be to split each column into two - red and black.Each column will show the magnitude of an indicator, and according to it is shown the height of the column.However, reading of information can still be difficult, as it increases the number of columns, and the reader is difficult to correlate them with common values ​​on the bottom scale.
much neater will look the same chart, which has major scale (for example, the distribution results over the years) is positioned vertically, and all columns will be directed sideways.As long numbers will also be placed horizontally, the chart will not impress too much data.
Each pair of columns on the same scale parameter place in the third color (eg, gray) for clarity, and output the gray strip on the side length corresponding to the general terms of the two scales of the column.The overall figure list the embodiment to the right of the strip, using the same gray color.As such, the chart will have easy to read.
You can also try to make visible and accurate conventional vertical chart , aligning the scale on a different principle than the beginning.Columns are some of the main indicators of the overall scale and total numbers and columns other - under the bar.This will make the data separate from each other and clear, and at the same time are combined into an overall picture.