To run the tool Microsoft Equation is necessary to pass at the "Insert» - & gt;"Object" in the dialog box, on the first tab from the list to choose Microsoft Equation, and click "OK" or double click on the selected item.After starting the Equation Editor, before you open the toolbar in the text box is displayed for entering a formula: a dotted rectangle in the frame.The toolbar is divided into sections, each of which is the character set of actions or expressions.When you click on one of the sections will unfold a list of tools are there.From the list that you need to select the character you want and click on it.Once selected, the specified character appears in the highlighted box in the document.
section in which the elements are arranged for writing fract
ions, is the second line of the toolbar.When you hover over it with your mouse, you will see the tooltip "Templates fractions and radicals."Click once section and expand the list.In the popup menu has templates for fractions with a horizontal and a slash.Among the emerging options you can choose the one that suits your task.Click on the desired option.After clicking in the input field, which opened in the document, the fraction symbol appears and a place to enter the numerator and denominator, framed by a dotted line.The cursor automatically defaults to the field for entering the numerator.Enter the numerator.In addition to numbers, you can also enter mathematical symbols, letters or signs of action.They can be administered both from the keyboard and from the relevant sections of the toolbar, Microsoft Equation.After the water numerator, pressing TAB, go to the denominator.Jump by clicking the mouse and can be in the field for entering the denominator.Once the formula is written, click the mouse pointer anywhere in the document, the toolbar closes input fraction is complete.To edit the shot, double-click the left mouse button.
If you open the "Insert» - & gt;"Object" in the list you can not find the tool Microsoft Equation, it must be installed.Run the installation disk or disk image file distribution Word.In the installer window, select "Add or Remove Features.To add or remove individual components "and click" Next ".In the next window, choose the "advanced customization of applications."Click "Next".In the next window, scroll to the list of "Funds Office» and click on the plus sign to the left.In the actual list, we are interested in the item "Equation Editor."Click on the icon next to the word "Equation Editor" and, from the menu, click "Run from My Computer."Then click "Update" and wait until the installation of the necessary components will be held.