Get disk operating system (it does not matter which version you choose) and a license key for it.Proven, the older Windows XP is perfect for not too powerful or new computers.More modern, beautiful and in many ways more convenient system Windows 7 is perfect for high-end machines with enough memory, hard disk space and preferably dual-core processor.Whichever version you choose, the important thing is that you have the disc and product key.
Find drivers for your hardware, that is, the motherboard, video card, sound card or network adapter - if they are not built into the system board.If you do not d
rive with the software, simply download the drivers from the manufacturer's website.Save the driver and all the important data on a thumb drive or burn it to a different logical drive - it's very useful when you reinstall.
Click "Start" and select "Restart."Once the screen appears black and white test message at system startup, press the source button to boot the system.Most often it is the button F8, but on some models of motherboards use F10 or another key.Similarly, it is stated in the instructions to your model, or written to the bottom line of the boot screen.
Select the boot menu item labeled CD-ROM or DVD-ROM with the name of your model drive.Insert the setting data of the operating system and press Enter.
Wait for the boot the installer.Read and accept the license agreement;this is usually done the F3 button and pressing the Enter.Specify the logical drive on which you want to install Windows.Select the first or top in the proposed list of the hard disk partition and press Enter.If you have already been installed on this partition, you will be prompted to select installation options: on top of the existing copy, or with the removal of the current logical drive.Select "Delete Partition", confirm with D, and then click L.
Specify unallocated (unformatted) region as the site installation.Confirm creating and formatting the partition.Wait for the format procedure and downloading Windows.The computer will reboot themselves.
Wait 15 minutes to 1 hour, until you unpack and set up data systems.Enter the computer, personal information, account name and password, if necessary.Also specify the time zone and preferred language when you start your computer when the screen prompted.The computer will notify the installation and restart.
Remove the installation disc, wait for a full load of the system.Insert the flash drive or a CD with drivers and install them.
sure to activate their copy of the operating system, or after 30 days, it will stop working.To activate, select the menu "Start", entitled "Activation".The most convenient way - over the Internet.For this you need a key, it is the product code.Type in the Activation Wizard, the required data, and then restart the computer after the process is complete.