Upgrade your operating system Windows XP to SP3 in two ways.First, open the "Start" - "Control Panel" - "System" - "Automatic Updates".Turn on the option "Automatic Update", your system will be updated.Note that the entire pack is larger than 300 MB, so its installation can take a long time.
you can use another option renovation: download from Microsoft's website at the whole package and run the installation.This option is preferable, because the installation of the finished pack will not depend on the vagaries of the network.Package Download Windows XP SP3, you can here:
Note that the updated
system can lead to various problems, so before you start be sure to save important data.Keep in the wrong section, which is running.Even better is to keep valuable data on an external drive.
usually on computers with genuine Windows to install updates goes well, after a reboot the user will see about that on his computer was installed SP3.But if you are using an unlicensed version of the operating system, or installing automatic updates downloaded from the Microsoft website package may reset the activation and the appearance of messages that you have an unlicensed copy of Windows.
To get around this difficulty, you can download the one laid out in a network of "modified" packages SP3.However, in this case, there is no guarantee that, along with upgrades to your computer are not installed Trojans.Alternatively, you can install the official update, and then re-activate Windows by using the corresponding application, which can be found on the network.But the right to use the licensed Windows or switch to one of the distributions Linux - in the latter case, you will get rid of licensing issues.