you need
  • - administrative rights on the local machine.
Mount any folder as a virtual disk in the operating systems Windows.Start shell cmd.To do this, display the dialog "Run Programs", then selecting "Run" in the "Start" menu, type cmd in the text field "Open" and click OK.

Use the command subst to mount folder.Enter the console:

subst /?
Press Enter and read the brief information on the work of the team.Mount folder, execute the command of the form:
subst & lt; a target drive letter & gt ;: & lt; path to the folder & gt;
For example, to create a virtual drive X with the contents of the folder
D: \ Temp, issue the following command:
subst X: D: \ Temp
How to mount folder
In Windows mount the Deleted Items foldernetwork share as a drive.Open the folder "My Computer".To do this, use the appropriate shortcut on the desktop.You can also start the conductor Windows, typing explorer dialog "Run Programs" and clicking OK, and then select the appropriate section in the right pane.

Display dialogue mount network resources.Expand the "Tools" main menu and click on the item "Map Network Drive".

Perform mounts.In the dropdown list "Disk:" choose an option containing the preferred drive letter created.In the field "Folder" manually enter the path to the network location or click on the button "Browse" and select it.Check the box "Reconnect at logon" if the resource is to be used for a long time.Click "Finish".If necessary, enter the credentials to access the remote folder and click OK to display the dialogue.
How to mount folder
Mount arbitrary folder as a directory with a different name in the operating systems Linux.Use the mount command in key --bind (or -B).Run the terminal emulator or switch to a text console.Run type:

mount --bind & lt; path-1 & gt;& lt; Way 2 & gt;
The parameters & lt; path-1 & gt;and & lt; Way 2 & gt;should specify a full or relative path to the two existing catalogs.For example:
mount --bind / home / develop / mnt / test
After running this command in the directory / mnt / test will show the contents of the folder / home / develop.
How to mount folder
Perform mount a remote network share to a local directory in the OS family Linux.Use the mount command with -t key to indicate the type of file system.For example, to mount a remote Temp folder on the drive with the windows-IP-address in the local directory / mnt / test, you can run the command:

mount -t smbfs // / mnt / test
password forAccess to the resource will be required.If, however, you must specify the credentials on the command line, this can be done with the help of additional settings the username and password, set key after -o.In a similar manner (using curlftpfs) can be installed FTP-folders.
How to mount folder