you need
  • boot disk Windows.
Reverting to the previous status is performed using the control points or restore the operating system image.If you did not disable the automatic archiving, try to use them.To begin, insert the boot disk into the drive Windows.
Turn on the computer and boot from the specified drive.To do this, use the BIOS menu or the quick shift boot device.After entering the installation menu, select "Restore."
Wait a while until the program collects information about available copies of Windows.Select the operating system that you want to normalize the work.Click "Next".
Explore the available control points.Usually they are created automatically during the installation of certain programs or applications.Choose the one that was recorded in the period of stable operation of Windo
Click "Restore" and wait for the completion of this procedure.After a successful rollback of the computer will restart automatically.Check that you are important to the programs that could be removed in the process of system recovery.
To roll back Windows using the image of the whole system or a local disk, use a different method.Click on 'More Options Recovery' by running the program from the boot disk.
Select "Restoring from an image."After scanning the available drives, select the desired archive.If you store your system image on an external drive, connect the equipment to select the said paragraph.
This recovery method has several disadvantages.When you roll back to a previous state of the local drive, you can lose not only some programs, and important files that have not been included in the image.