Tip 1: How to split partitions under Linux

In the Linux operating system for partitioning on Forums used utility fdisk.It has nothing to do with a similar utility, available in DOS and Windows.This applies including instructions used to control the program.
Make a full backup of all data stored on the drive before.After partitioning, partition structure all the information on the disk will be inaccessible.Even if it is beyond repair, it will have to send the drive to a workshop, whose services are very expensive.
unmount all disk partitions to be partition.For example, if on a flash drive, which received after joining the name of / dev / sda, mounted Forums sda1 and sda2, they dismount to perform the following sequence of commands: umount / dev / sda1umount / dev / sda2Esli implement unmounting fails, close all applications that accessdisk, and then try again.
Disconnecting the eject command does not produce, otherwise it will not be available until the computer is restarted or until the next reconnection
(if removable).
Enter the fdisk command with the name of the device to partition, for example: fdisk / dev / sda
interface fdisk program is a command-line, but, unlike programsthe same name in DOS and Windows, you are not the team of digital and literal.Each of them consists of only a single letter.Check the full list at any time by typing m.
Learn what Forums available on disk at the moment.To do this, type p.
Remove the drive all the sections .To remove the first of each type d, and then, in response to the request - the number of the section to be deleted.
clean the disc by existing partitions, proceed to the creation of new ones.To do this, use the command n.After its entry, specify whether the partition to be a primary or secondary, specify the start and end points in blocks or cylinders, depending on the version.
With a command, specify which partition must be bootable.
If an error occurs, exit the program without saving the command q, and if done correctly - leave with preservation with the command w.Then format created by each of the sections other than those intended for the swap.Use a program such as mkfs.ext3.

Tip 2: How do I partition Linux

If you have switched to the operating system Linux, then sooner or later you have a need to create a new partition in the file system.Unlike Windows, in Linux, this operation is performed in a different way, and the user is often at first it is difficult to understand this.In fact, the main thing - to get the basic skills of creating partitions.
How to create Linux partitions
you need
  • - Computer;
  • - program Norton PartitionMagic 8.0.
Consider the case of creating partitions on the hard disk version of the Linux operating system Ubuntu.To follow, you must have root access Root.First of all, run Fdisk-l.In this way, you will see the available system drives.In the resulting list, select the new hard drive.
this operating system has a program to create the hard drive partitions.It's called Cfdisk.Run the program.Enter the name of the disk to which you will work.Then click New.Select "To create profile" and select "main".Section is created.After its creation, click Bootable, and then - Write.Then prescribe Yes.Now exit the program.To do this, click Quit.
also create partitions for Linux can be immediately prior to installation of the operating system.To do this, download and install the program on your computer Norton PartitionMagic 8.0.Run it.After starting from the main menu, select the partition, which will be taken to free space for partitions under Linux.Click on it with the left mouse button.Then select from the menu of the "size, moving section."In the line "New Size" set a new capacity of this section, and then click OK.The vacant space will be available to partition Linux.In this way the free space for the Windows partition with Partition Linux.Later, you can delete the Windows partition and scatter the remaining memory of the divisions of the new OS.
then in the menu, select "Create a new partition".In the next window click "Next".Change nothing.In the "Partition Properties" as the file system type, specify one of the variants of Linux.Click "Next" and "Finish".Now Linux partition will be created.This way you can create as many partitions.
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