Free desktop from running programs, windows and files.To do this, close them, or fold.Close all windows at once by clicking on the "Show Desktop" on the right side taskbar Windows.
Right-click once on your desktop free of widgets, shortcuts, and gadgets.
In the list that appears, select "Screen Resolution."Open the window "Screen Resolution", containing the basic display settings such as the choice of the monitor, its resolution and orientation, as well as additional parameters.
to open the settings screen in another way, open the "Start" menu and run the "Control Panel".In the window that opens, sel
ect "Display", pressing her left mouse button once, and press the line "Adjust screen resolution" in the left pane.
also to open the Settings area of ​​the screen, run the "Start" menu in the search line "Search programs and files" typing "screen".In the list that appears, click on the line "Adjust screen resolution", located in the block "Control Panel".
In the Settings window, select the screen resolution from the list and click the «Ok».In all versions of Windows operating systems in the list of permissions displays recommended for the monitor and graphics card.For example, a laptop screen with a diagonal of 15.6 inches can be recommended resolution of 1366x768.