Selects on or off the option download updates provided to the user during the initial installation of the operating system.Usually it is offered in one of the last stages of the installation.The system requires you to specify a way to download and install updates or ask about your wish to cancel the final.If you remove the boot updates , the computer will always be reminded of this with the help tooltips from the system tray.Cancel it at the initial stage of use - one of the easiest ways to get rid of the unnecessary costs of traffic.
To cancel the download and installation updates , which were previously included and h
ave been used successfully, you must go to the menu through the "Start" and right-click on the line "My Computer."In the context menu, click the command "Properties".In the dialog box, it is necessary to go on the "Automatic Updates" and then check the box marked "Do not download updates."After that, the operating system will no longer communicate with a Web site developer, and updates will never be installed.
Disable download and install updates automatically lead to a permanent reminder computer's operating system that it is currently under threat.Even if you had to do this to save bandwidth, it is still as much as possible, try to upgrade the system in order to protect it from various threats.Installation OS updates can also be performed off-line.To many popular computer magazines are sometimes included with the CDs that contain various packages updates operating systems.