Tip 1: How to restore Windows, if it is not loaded

Do not panic if Windows does not load, as it can be restored.There are many programs with which the restoration of the operating system is not a problem.
you need
  • - a personal computer;- Drive to install the operating system.
can Recover Windows using System Restore (¬ęSystem Restore").To do this, click "Start", click on "All Programs."Next, go to the "Standard", which is found in the department "System Tools", containing the "System Restore."With this component, you return the operating system to the stage where she collapsed.System Restore is convenient because it allows you to not reinstall the operating system, as it copies, the default registry, system database, local profiles to archive Restore.To System Restore worked free disk space 200 MB of free space on which to store all the data.
If, however, the operating system will not boot, and the component "System Restore" is not available, at the start of the Windows boot press.After that, the "Menu", select "Last Kno
wn Good Configuration" and press again.
If necessary, change the interval create points at its discretion.System Recovery provides automatic creation of restore points, at a time when, for example, there is the installation of a new application, it is understood that certain events.
restore the operating system is also using "Recovery Console" interface, which is the command prompt.Use this method if Windows can not boot into "protected mode."

Tip 2: How to restore the system, if not loaded

If unable to download Windows XP user will have to use the Microsoft Diagnostic and Recovery Toolset, available for download on the official website of Microsoft.The package includes the necessary software tool Emergency Repair Disk (ERD) Commander.
How to restore the system, if not loaded
you need
  • - Windows XP
  • - Microsoft Diagnostic and Recovery Toolset;
  • - Emergency Repair Disk (ERD) Commander
Create a boot disk utility ERD Commander.
Boot the computer with the created disc and select the System Tools menu in the application ERD Commander.
Navigate to System Restore and click Next on the Welcome screen.
Select item Select Roll back to an existing restore point created by Windows.ERD System Restore Wizard only performs a partial rollback, and click Next to run the command.
Select a date the next screen of the wizard and click Next to confirm.
Click Next in the window that opens, confirm and wait for the recovery process.
Complete the wizard.Note that ERD Commander utility does not provide a complete system recovery, and after the application of the recovery process requires standard methods WIndows.
to log in system administrator computer.
Click "Start" to open the main menu and go to item "All Programs."
Point to "Standard" in the pop-up menu and navigate to the item "Utilities."
Select "System Restore."
Lift the box on the "Restoring to an earlier system" in the dialog box "System Restore" and click "Next" to confirm your selection.
Specify the desired date for the return of the Windows operating condition in the "Select from the list a restore point" in the "Select a Restore Point" and click "Next" to confirm your selection.
Click "Next" in the new window "Confirm Restore Point Selection" to execute the selected command.
Wait until the automatic system recovery and restart Windows.
Enter system with administrator rights and press the OK button in the window "Restore Complete".
The above operations can be performed only by the user with the computer's administrator.
Helpful Hint
System Restore does not affect personal files of users.
  • Support for Microsoft Russia
Be careful when buying any software, system recovery, especially from non-trusted sources, as you can carry the virusand even more harm the system.
Helpful Hint
systematically remove old archives to constantly maintain required for the System Restore space.


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