you need
  • - internet;
  • - computer;
  • - browser;
  • - on Linux.
created on disk C: Boot folder and copy the files vmlinuz and all.rdz from an image, open it in Total Commander or Alcohol.Carefully copy all the files as missing files can severely damage the system or do not download it.
found on the internet with the help of search engine and download to the hard drive boot grub.Extract the folder and copy the folder loader grub, files grub.exe and initrd created earlier Boot.Find there grldr file and copy it to drive C :, the root.Everything is done by hand, as the installation is done from the hard drive and not from the installation.This method is a little difficult, however, it is useful in cases wher
e the computer does not drive.
Edit the boot.ini, located at the root of drive C :, appending the following line C: \ grldr = "Linux-Install".To open the boot.ini file for editing, use the usual Notepad.It is installed by default on your computer.
Enter the following lines into a file C: \ boot \ grab \ menu.lst (this can also be done using Notepad):

title Mandriva ISO install (using vmlinuz and all.rdz)

kernel (hd0,0) / boot / vmlinuz

initrd (hd0,0) /boot/all.rdz
're just ready to install the new operating system.Send the computer to restart.At the time of the selection, select the boot options Linux - Install.This command is used to automatically install the operating system.
Installing the operating system from the hard drive will save you optical media.Notice what kind of Linux, you're going to put: it influences the sequence of actions.In general it can be said that the installation of the Linux operating system does not take a lot of time, most importantly the right to copy all of the files that the system works correctly.