Start program for which you want to cancel startup .Go to the settings of the program , (the "Settings" or "Tools" if there is a tab, then select the "General" tab and find the item "Load / run with Windows┬╗, or "Auto". Uncheck the box next to thisoption and click "Apply" and "OK┬╗.
Remove from startup files using the "Explorer." Files and program , added to startup by copying its shortcut to the main menu,You can remove from startup as follows: in the "Start" button to open the context menu, select "Explorer". Select in the left pane folder "Programs", then "Auto." Select label program , for which you want to cancel startup, highlight it and press the "Del" key or call up the context menu on it and select "Delete" and then confirm the removal by clicking on "OK".
Remove the program from the startup
can be the operating system Windows.Go to the main menu item "Run" and type the command there "Msconfig".This command brings up a window that contains your operating system.Go to the tab "Startup".This tab lists all programs , which are loaded with the system and path of the file program .Select the program for which you want to remove startup .Uncheck the box next to the name of the program , click "OK".Highlight window with the message that changes will take effect only after reboot.Select "Exit without restart" if you want to continue.If not, click "Restart Now."After rebooting, the message that the system settings have been changed, click "OK".In the same way, you have completed the cancellation startup , you can restore it.
Ssleaner Start, click the left button "Startup" in the list on the right, select the program you want to remove from startup, invoke the context menu on it and select "Delete."