Tip 1: How to recover from a disk Vista

To restore the Windows Vista operating system, you can use a variety of methods.It is better to use the installation CD of the operating system to facilitate access to the necessary parameters.
you need
  • - installation disk Windows Vista.
Open the DVD-ROM drive and insert the disk that hosts the installation files of the operating system Windows Vista.Restart the computer.Enter the menu BIOS, pressing the Delete key after turning the PC.Go to the Boot Device Priority.Assign the desired DVD-ROM drive (if more than one) the first boot device.Typically, this option is called the First Boot Device.Restart the computer after saving the new settings menu BIOS.
After a while, press any key once the relevant inscriptions.Wait until the program starts preparation for installing the new operating system.After the appearance of the window menu "Advanced Restore Options" go to this menu.
further selection options depend on the cause of failure of the operating system.First,
select the "Restore the startup."Confirm the start of the operation.After making changes to the boot sector of the operating system the computer is restarted.Select the option to boot from the hard disk .If the system does not start again, repeat the steps required to enter the "Advanced recovery options."
Now open the menu "System Restore."Examine the existing control points by clicking on "Search the affected applications."Choose the appropriate restore point and click "Continue."Confirm the start of the recovery process parameters on Windows Vista.
If this method did not bring results, then try to install the new system over the old one.You will have to reinstall most of the applications, but you can save important data stored on the system partition of your hard disk , including files Cookies and working papers.Remember that it is better to use the drive from which you installed the existing copy of the OS.

Tip 2: How to Restore Vista

Any software has a predetermined (designed) the percentage of failures, those are technical nuances that simply can not afford to exclude modern programming techniques.The highest percentage at Vista software.This does not mean that Vista is worse, such as "Seven", but its surprises need to be ready!
How to Restore Vista
first case.The system boots, but some files are corrupted.Of course, you do not know what it is, but you know when the misfortune happened.Very well, if you set a restore point.Then simply restore our operating system using the appropriate console.The path looks like "Start - All Programs -Service -" Backup and Restore Center. "Here you select the date the course closest to today.If you do not set a point of no return, you still try, because the system creates them automatically, without your intervention.
case of a second.You need to restore your system, retaining all of the files.This is possible if there is a boot disk.If the drive is lost, but there is a box of it, just download the operating system, and then enter the key (of course, a license).Unfortunately, most vendors do not provide disk.You can try to contact them for a drive, or at least of the way.
In some cases, the system you there and reinstall.But in this case to preserve not only data, but also all of the errors.
can advise before restoring the system to keep all the data on some external media (disk, USB flash drive, etc.), and then return the system to the factory state.

In any case, if the operating system license, you can contact the service center for help, and if not - install it.
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