To see the password from the wi-fi on your computer, move the mouse cursor to the lower right corner of the desktop icon of Internet access, located next to the system clock.Click on it to see a list of the current wireless connection.Right-click on the name of the active connection, and from the menu select "Properties".On the "Security" tick the function "Show input marks" below the field with a hidden password.Then you will see the current password.
Try to find out the password from the Wi-Fi connection of the contract to an Internet service that you concluded with the network provider.Usually, it listed a login and password to connect both wired and wirelessly.You can contact the provider in person, if you are installing Wi-Fi by specialists without your in
tervention.In some cases, the master password is set by yourself, without notice to the user, so if you need it granted to a person with whom the contract was made on the service.
's password from the wi-fi on the computer can be configured as a router, if you have access to them.To enter the settings you need to enter a special address in the browser specified in the instruction manual.At the options menu click the wireless connection.You will see the name and password, which, like the operating system, it becomes visible when selecting the appropriate option.Here you can reset the current password and set a new one.
use program Airocrack, which is freely available on the Internet and allows you to see your password on the Wi-Fi in your computer.Start the application and go to the "Interface Type" by selecting it a model of the current network adapter.Start the selection keys and wait for its completion.Then you need to run the function Airodump, indicating the network address of the router and the MAC-filter.Created in the selection keys to move the files to the window Airocrack.This will launch the procedure for determining the password from the wi-fi.Note that this may require a lot of time, if the combination is difficult.