you need
  • software TKexe Kalender.
If you're acquainted with the program worked with other utilities of this plan, will notice a significant difference.Immediately after the start you "meet" master assistant, the screen will appear the dialog boxes, which will be meeting tips and guidelines for the construction of a calendar.
can download the program at the following link (the official site).After installation, run it by double-clicking on the icon on your desktop.In the main window, a dialog box in which you click on "Create a new file".
Then you need to select the type of calendar created, here
the choice is pretty big.You will need to specify the size of the calendar, by default it is measured in dots (pixels).Do not forget to specify the correct location of the page to print the calendar (landscape or portrait).Also, this action you can take in the automatic mode by pressing the "Recommended dimensions."
In most cases, users of the program are working with images in A4, which gives the full right to create calendars such size.You also need to specify the number of months that are displayed on the calendar.For example, calendar can be done at 6, 12 and 18 months.
Then select any of the provided templates and start editing the replacement is not favorite images.Click "Options" menu and select "Days" to adjust the order of the days of the week.In some countries, the beginning of the week is considered not Monday, but Sunday.
after editing your calendar, press the top menu "File" and select "Print".Configure the printer for printing the calendar, load paper into the tray, and then click "Print".