RAM stores data stream for processing in the processor.Many parameters are stored in the module are waiting for their turn to handle it in the computer memory.Planck data storage devices connected directly to the motherboard via a special bus system.
In modern operating systems, RAM helps to quickly start the desired applications and exchange data between the software and hardware of the computer.
In Windows 7 RAM is activated for storage, not only applications and processes associated with them, but also provides storage for frequently used files and programs to accelerate their launch to ensure their immediate implementation on demandUser.When storing large amounts of data, ie,when running in the most
demanding applications, produced the displacement of the old process and the new cached data.
Modern strips are marked RAM DDR.Most new computers are equipped with boards DDR3, which have the highest performance and lowest power requirements.It is also often used DDR2, which for speed in real conditions did not lose DDR3.On older computers set simple strips of the first generation DDR, which have a smaller volume and a more modest performance of the operating system access speed and data recording.
use more RAM can store large amounts of data simultaneously, which improves system performance when running multiple applications simultaneously.If memory is insufficient, the computer starts to slow down the work that contributes to the effective discharge of the least-critical applications.
If in the process of working with a computer, you notice a drop in the rate of operation of the system, press the key combination Ctrl, Alt and Del, to call the task manager and try to manually unload the unused programs to increase your productivity.In Task Manager, you can also view a list of processes that are running at the moment in the system to learn what application consumes the most resources.