you need
  • operating system Windows 7.
Please note that any software that is available for sale, will always have a price.Do not try to fool the developers creating or using various "cracks" and "cracked version".
Note that it is a licensed version of the operating system you have all the advantages: free technical support, receiving constant updates, competently and correctly working software, as well as a free version of the antivirus product.
To activate a key addition to the system itself and you need a file with a key, for example, are often the keys are distributed in text files (with the purchase via the Internet).Activation can be done, both by telephone and through the Internet connection.
activation of the operating system on the phone.Go to the desktop of your system, and then click "Start."In the search field (the empty box at the bottom of the menu), enter the phrase "Activating Windows».
Among the options to select the most suitable for the title, as a rule, this is the first item on the list.Click the left mouse button the item.In the window that opens, click the "Show other ways to activate", then enter your key.In the "Use the automated phone system," re-enter the key, and in the next window, select your country.
you will need to call one of these numbers to dictate the key, the answer you will get a confirmation code to be entered in the appropriate field of the registration form of the product.After the successful confirmation of their copy of Windows 7, you can safely use it.The applet "System Properties" you can see that your copy is registered.
activation through the Internet.To perform this type of activation is necessary to select "Activate Windows via Internet" or go to "Show other ways to activate" and select "use a modem to connect directly to the activation service."In both cases, the further procedure will not cause difficulties and would be kept to answer the question "Activation Wizard".