Tip 1: How to restore the Recycle Bin on your desktop

Users of Windows Vista will sooner or later face small developers missed, namely that when emptying the Recycle Bin they can choose from two options - "clear basket" and "delete".And if you choose the second option, with the content in front of the astonished by itself disappears basket.
initial fear may be very large, but do not panic.Actual shopping cart will not go away.Even if you delete the targeted folder, the system will create it again.What is lost and for the moment - is a shortcut baskets, which can be restored in several ways.
easiest way to do it this way.Log in to Control Panel.Make it easier just by pressing the "Start" button and select the desired button in the menu that appears.In Control Panel, select the icon "Personalization", click on it.The left part of the window click the button released "Change desktop icons".It was then, and you will find the fugitive.In the "Desktop icons" tick icon "Basket" and click "OK".
But this incident happens with user
s of other versions of Windows.In Windows XP, the disappearance of the basket can help third-party programs.Return it can, but will make it a little harder.Double-click on the icon "My Computer".In the menu "Tools" go to "Folder Options."Under the tab "View" uncheck "Hide protected files."When you are prompted, click "Yes" and then on "OK".In total, the explorer pane you should see a button "Folders", after clicking on which the left side you will find the missing basket.Drag it with the mouse on the desktop.
How to restore the Recycle Bin on your desktop
If the above steps do not help, you have to work through the operating system registry.Press successively the "Start" and "Run."Enter in the dialog box the command regedit, confirm the command by pressing "OK".In the registry look for place HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ HideDesktopIcons \ NewStartPanel, and in it the parameter {645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E}.Change the value to 0. The Recycle Bin icon appears in its usual place.

Tip 2: How to restore the Recycle Bin shortcut on the desktop

Shopping in Windows provides a useful function to keep deleted files recovery.Typically, its icon is present on the desktop desk for the convenience of working with files of any user.However, due to the action programs or viruses Baskets icon may disappear from the desktop.To restore it, perform the following steps.
How to restore the Recycle Bin shortcut on the desktop
you need
  • - Administrator rights.
Open "My Computer."Go to the C drive, and then click on the "organize" button in the upper left corner of the window.From the menu, select "Folder Options" and search and go to the tab "View".Uncheck "Hide protected operating system files" and will agree with the change.Then scroll to "Hidden files and folders", located below, and put a mark on the inscription "Show hidden files, folders, and drives."
Right-click on the desktop background.From the menu, select "New" - "label."The system will ask for a path to the program, which will lead to the created icon.Open C drive and find the folder $ Recycle.Bin - is a system folder name "Basket".This file is always stored in the operating system, as is the main file that allows you to restore the basket on working desktop PC.
Click "OK" and operating table will be a new icon.The system automatically fills in for him drawing baskets.The figure also tiny arrow that points to the fact that this icon - a manually created shortcut, not the system icon.However, this does not affect the operation of the computer operating system.You further without problems can poison the unwanted files to the Trash.
If working table not appear at all, no shortcuts, you can restore them with a few simple operations on your system.Right-click on the desktop at the table, scroll to the menu "View", and it put the box next to "Show Desktop Icons."Next, the system will automatically save the parameters and displays all the shortcuts that at any given time are on the PC.
  • restore the Recycle Bin on your desktop
When the desktop mess in a hurry, you can delete anything, even the basket.And so you do not run and do not ask questions like "delete basket - how to restore the" need to know some ways to restore it.The first method is quite simple, we are using the Group Policy need to make some adjustments.
Helpful Hint
This procedure creates the original icon.However, you can recover most of the functions baskets, such as deleting a file by dragging on the Recycle Bin icon on the desktop;Recover deleted files.Double-click the Recycle Bin icon on your desktop, double-click the file you want to restore, and then press the Reset button;cleaning basket.


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