if you install any version of Windows, then you can see the network address in the network connection properties.As a rule, the connection to the network is automatically right after booting the computer and user authorization.An icon with the information appears in the taskbar notification area - in the lower right corner of the screen.In Windows 7, click on this icon causes the link "Center Network and Sharing Center" - click it.
Click the "Local Area Connection" in the section "View your active networks' window that opens.In the connection status, click "Information" and
the line "Address IPv4ยป see the network address of the computer.
can instead reference "Local Area Connection" to use the link "View full map."In this case, the operating system will collect all information collected in a network of local computers involved in her router or modem.Hovers on any computer (including your own), or network device, you'll see an assigned network address.
How to obtain a network address
If you use any version of the MacOS operating system to see the network address of a computer before you can log in to the system - it is placed on the login screen over the fields login and password.
After entering the MacOS system, you can find out the network address, for example, through the component "System Preferences."Click on the icon with the image of an apple and the pop-up menu, choose Finder.Then open the "System Settings" and click the line "Network".In the left pane of the window that opens, select the connection, which is now used by the computer - it is labeled green.In the right pane, you will see the section "Status", which will specify a network IP-address of the computer.