To change or turn off the screen saver in Windows 7, open the Control Panel.Select there Personalize.To do this, you can also simply click on the desktop, right-click, point to Personalize menu.Below you will see several icons, including the desktop background, sound, color window.The most extreme right - Screen Saver icon.Click on it to open the window for setting the screensaver.
If your version of Windows 7 does not allow personalization, in the Control Panel in the search bar at the top right type in "screen saver."You will see a list of items, which are open, you can disable the screensaver.
To disable the select line in the li
st of screen savers (No), then press OK.More screensaver will not bother you.
If you have installed the operating system Windows Vista, the sequence is slightly different.Click Start - & gt;Control Panel - & gt;Appearance and Personalization - & gt;Personalization - & gt; program-saver.Similarly, select (None) in the list and click OK.
Owners of Windows XP can configure your computer as follows.Right-click on the desktop and choose Properties.A window will open with several tabs, among which will be screensaver.Similarly, select (None) and click OK, to turn off the screensaver.