you need
  • OS Windows 7.
access the configuration backup can be through the "Control Panel" - Open the main menu of the operating system and in the right column, clickwith the same name.The panel, locate and activate the link "Data archiving computer" - it is located in the "System and Security".
There is another way to access the control panel applet, which uses the built-in search engine Windows Version 7 and Vista.Click on the "Start" button or press Win and type three letters of "architect".Then press Enter or click on the top link in the search results?Then the desired applet is launched.
third method can be used if you have a file manager window opens Windows - «Explorer».Right-click on the icon of any local drive and select the pop-up context menu line "Properties".On the "Tools" dialog box, click the "Backup" and the screen will appear the same control panel applet.
If you loaded the applet window, you will find the message "Backup is not set", then nothing to worry about - this option in the settings of your system, or have disabled or had never been included.Otherwise, click on "Disable schedule" in the upper left corner of the window and after a moment's thought will eliminate backup applet up from the list of tasks scheduled for execution.
It is possible to disable the backup copy for any individual disk.To do this, first press the key combination Win + Pause, and then click the "System Protection".In the "Security Settings" select the drive and click "Customize."This will open another window where you need a tick in the box "Turn off system protection" or move to the left the slider next to "maximum use".Then close both windows settings by pressing OK.