you need
  • Windows 7 or Vista.
Left-click the clock in the system tray, or as it is properly called, in "the taskbar notification area."OS opens a small window with an analog clock and calendar.If their testimony did require adjustment, click on "Change date and time settings" - it is placed in the lower part of the window.As a result, you will see a separate window with a set of units on three tabs.
Ensure that shown in the section "Time Zone" amendment to UTC - «Coordinated Universal Time" - corresponds to a shift of your local time.If not, click "Change Time Zone", select the correct line in the drop-down list and click OK.
Then click on "Change date and time », to gain access to t
he controls, calendar and clock.If you need to change the year, click on the title of the calendar - it listed the month and year.After clicking on that line will be only a year - click it again and select a list of past and future years.Choose among them the right and the list's list of months will change - and select it, and when the number of shifts months to complete the formation date.
placed below the analog clock digital display of hours, minutes and seconds - use it to change the system time.If you click your mouse a few digits indicating the current hour, get the possibility to modify them using the arrow keys up and down.The same can be done by clicking the mouse on the arrow to the right of the control.Set this way values ​​for hours, minutes and seconds.When finished, click OK.
If you want the computer to automatically sync over the Internet the system clock with the time server, go to the "Time on the Internet."Click the "Edit Settings", check the checkbox only window that opens.Change the value in the "Server" makes sense only if there are problems with the selected default value.Click OK in the two open windows, and the procedure is completed.