Preparation for the installation process

Purchase a licensed version of the appropriate version of the operating system in one of the computer stores the city or on the official website of Microsoft.Make sure the publication has a companion digit code that must be entered during the installation to activate it and your computer meets the necessary system requirements.

Put the boot disk in the drive and run the installation program.If you are installing a new operating system on top of the previous one, the program will check their compatibility and propose appropriate action.Next, the computer will automatically restart, and then start immediately the process of installation.If your computer does not pre-installed operating system, you can install by booting through a C
D- or DVD-ROM.Select it as the primary boot device in the settings BIOS.In this case the installation of the system will start immediately after turning on the computer.

main action

Select the appropriate option in the proposed system menu.You can format the hard disk of your computer before installing the system or install it into a specific section.You can also change the current file system.Enter the license code system in a special field.As soon as listing all the settings, start the automatic installation process, during which a computer can go through several reboots.Do not unplug it, and do not press any keys without appropriate guidance.

Enter the appropriate date and time settings as soon as you reach the appropriate stage of the installation.In addition, you will be prompted to specify the name of the computer, install the administrator login and password, select the method of connection to the Internet.After that, the installation program will check the computer hardware and configure it properly.This takes you to the system desktop and you will see a message about the successful completion of the installation process.

Complete the activation of the system by clicking on the appropriate icon at the bottom of the screen.Choose the appropriate method for you - via the Internet or phone call to a specified number.Type in a special field the license number of the system or let him call the operator, thus completing the activation process.