Click on the background image on the desktop.Use it the right button as it is intended to bring up the context menu.In the menu, expand the section "New" and select the desired file type, and if it is not listed, select any other - for example, "Text document".Explorer Windows, which enables the operation of the system desktop, create a file in edit mode and its name - type a name for the file and press the keyboard Enter.
If the file was created is not the type that you need, then open the context menu that appears by clicking on the desktop icon right-click, and select it the line "Properties."In the window that appears at the top row will be taken by a field that contains the
name and extension of the created file.Edit this field, replacing the extension that matches your desired file type, and click OK.The program will require the confirmation of this operation - press again click OK.
There is a way to create a file on your desktop, assuming the use of a special program to work with files is the desired type.For example, if you want to create a file with the extension doc, run the word processor Microsoft Office Word.This will automatically create a new document, then fill it with necessary information, press the key combination ctrl + s, and displays the dialog box save the new file.At the very top of the window will be located drop-down list titled "Folder."Expand the list and the first line of the folder tree to look for "Desk" - select it with the mouse.Then enter the name of the file to be created in the "File name" and in the drop down list "File Type" select, if necessary, another extension.Then click the "Save" button, and the file on the desktop will be created.