In the era of total denial of the optical drives solid state drives are becoming more popular as a support boot information.This can be either the installation package of the operating system and pre-installed "axis" with a set of computer programs to test and improve its capacity.There are several ways to write the boot drive.Among them two are the most simple, at what each of them finds its admirers.To create a bootable USB drive in any case, you will need an operating system image or the installer .ISO format.

Using Utilities UltraISO

the UltraISO has a simple Russian interface and is the most convenient for the novice user.After starting the application administrator should be in the main menu click on the item "File" and select the drop-down list, click "Open".
In the window that appears, you must highlight the file prepared by the image and click "Open."The program works only with the selected file.It should be in the main menu, click on the item "Bootstrapping" and activate the "Burn hard disk image."In the window, select the recording medium of the operating system and make sure that the recording mode USB-HDD +.After the above actions have to click "Record" and agreeing with the notification of erasing data from a flash drive, wait for the recording of the image.At the creation of a bootable USB drive can be considered consummated.

Create flash cards via the command line

After opening the command prompt in her team entered DISKPART, runs the program to work with storage devices memory.Following need to enter the command list disk, and then display a list of disk devices - select disk #, where # - the number of disks required in the displayed list.Clean command will clean the removable media, and then using the create partition primary need to create a primary partition.Choosing the newly created partition with the command select partition 1. Next, you need to make a partition active created, which you need to enter the command active.The team format fs = NTFS format the removable storage device to the file system NTFS.Next, format and create partitions you want to assign a drive letter using the assign letter = X.The Exit command quits the application.Now the stick is required to transfer the contents of an internal image of the operating system, after which the removable drive is ready for use.