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most reliable and at the same time the easiest way to restore the registry - rollback system.To use it, open the main menu of the operating system, type "Voss" and press Enter.This will start the wizard to restore the system in the first window, which you just have to click "Next".In the next window, select one of the "restore points."Each of them belongs to a particular date - choose the one that is sure to contain a register with the problem have not damaged branch.Click "Next" again and the process will be started rollback.On its completion the computer res
tarts, and the registry will be restored.
If the method described for any reason can not be used, try to download the desired branch through the "Registry Editor » Windows.To do this, you need to have an undamaged copy of the registry problem branches , exported to a separate file.Exporting - is one of the functions of the editor.Find somewhere to the registry intact branch - another instance of the operating system of the computer, on computers of friends, at work, the partners on Internet communication, etc.You can try to create the reg-file yourself, finding in the system folder object from the desired bush.The correspondence between the files and shrubs you can find out, for example, on the page shown in the list of sources.
To export the desired bush of the operating system intact, run the registry "Registry Editor ».In Windows 7 and Vista to open the main menu of the operating system, type regedit and press Enter.In versions of the OS earlier releases first select the main menu "Run", then type regedit and press Enter.
Highlight branch in the left column, expand the section of the menu "File" and select "Export."In the dialog box, specify the file name and save location - if you're going to carry it in your computer, you can immediately save, such as a flash drive, or even a mobile phone.Click "Save".
Copy the file with the exported registry branch to your computer, restart the "Registry Editor » and select in the left column of the registry hive , to which should be added branch .Open the application menu See "File" and select "Import".In the resulting dialog, locate the saved reg-file and click "Open."Branch registry will be restored.