you need
  • - Administrator rights, if that is not located on a removable device.
Open the folder "My Computer".To do this, make a double click the left mouse button on the icon with the appropriate name, located on the desktop, or click the right button and select "Open" from the displayed context menu after that.
In the folder "My Computer" find the element that matches the tag you want to change.Scroll to a found item.

To find more convenient in an environment where the window "My Computer" is largely filled with disparate element
s (folders shared documents and current user tags removable media, local hard disks and mounted network, etc.), maymake sense to switch the display mode of the contents of the form "Table".Next is to sort the column "Name".
Open the Properties dialog of the selected volume.To do this, right-click on the selected item in the previous step.This will display a context menu.Click it on the "Properties".
Change Volume Label.In the dialog box "Properties", switch to the "General" tab.Enter the new label in the text box at the top of the tab.Fix the changes made by pressing the "Apply" button in the dialog.
Close the Properties dialog.Click on the button OK.
Check correctness change volume label.Open "My Computer" when it was closed by committing the acts described in the first step, or switch to it.Find volume label such that the label was varied, as was described in the second step.Make sure that the label is changed.