Start with a shortcut on the desktop or via "Start".Go to the menu "Tools", study it, and set the desired recording settings.Difficult moments at this stage should arise, the application interface is intuitive.
Save changes to settings and set the program to "Record".For that use one of the methods that are available in the program.The first mode involves quick start wizard, and the second - hand post.In the wizard, select "Burn image to disk" for the independent exercise of transitions need to use the menu "Mode", which indicate, respectively, the "Record".
In the "Record", specify the drive, which will
be carried out through burning.If you want to create the image, select the item "image file".Insert the CD into the desired disc format, focusing on the scope and nature of recorded information.
Scroll to select files to write, why click on the menu "Select File."In the dialog box, select prepared to record data.This may be a video, music, images and so forth.Focus on the file extension.If the images have been previously established in the program, you should search for files or format MDS CUE, if another application, then it most likely will be the standard ISO.In general, the program supports all major image formats.
Set the writing speed in the region of 60-70%.If you leave the maximum recording speed, which is the default program, you may experience failures and write errors.Recommended burning speed - 2x or 2.4x.It will reach a compromise: the record is quite fast, and most importantly, the probability of errors and reduces damage to the disc.To start the burn, click the "Record" button.Wait until the writing process, which is clearly displayed on the scale, plus you can see an explanation of each step recording.
If the setting has been enabled recording check, the program will start burning after verification, ie checking the accuracy of the information on the disk, no errors.After the scanning application will inform the user about the success or recording will provide information on the occurrence of errors during recording.Wait for the verification and remove the disk from the drive when it opens, and a message appears on completion of the recording.