Download and install Intertech DVD Ripper Pro.After installation, run the downloaded ripper, going into the "Start" menu, "Programs" and open the folder with the name of the application, and then - the program itself.
Insert the DVD, you want to compress to AVI in the drive of your computer.Wait until the program does not recognize the DVD.Once the application finds the contents of the disc, the necessary information will appear in his window.
Select program option AVI.To do this, press the menu entry "Output Format" or Output Type and select AVI.In Intertech DVD Ripper Pro, you can choose several different options, but AVI or DivX have the m
ost highly compressed file.
Go to the "Settings" menu.Click "Quality" and use the marker on the scroll bar to select the appropriate option.The lower the quality, the greater the compressed file.
Click on the folder icon in the application settings to select the destination to save the converted file.When the window opens, navigate to the folder you want to set as the destination, and click «OK».
Press "Convert".The program will begin to compress DVD-ROM file and save it as an AVI compression settings you have chosen.Start the newly created file and check how it was conducted smoothly compression.
Follow compress DVD-file an alternative way.To do this, open any online video converter, for example, Zamzar, Meadia-Convert or YouConvertIt, if you want to compress files directly from the network.Follow the instructions on the screen to load a VOB file from the disk to the system, choose AVI from the list of types of output file and press the "Convert" or "OK" to compress VOB to AVI.After conversion, the program will write the necessary information on the created AVI file and provides a link to download it.