you need
  • finished image for the icon, or any graphic editor to create it.
Choose the right image from which to create the icon favicon.ico.

- square image

- small

- simple, no small parts

- file size - no more than 300 KB.
better to use one easily recognizable object with sharp edges and contrasting background.For example, a company logo or other simple images.
You can create this picture yourself using any graphics editor.

can choose multiple images, and then choose from the best of the resulting icon.
Create icons.

There are many online services that offer such a service.Ask a search on any search engine the words «favicon.ico».Select the service you like.
Let us consider the example of the creation of icons on site

- Go to the website.

- A window of creating icons.Click "Browse ..." and select the file on your computer that you want to convert to favicon.ico.

- Click "Create favicon.ico!»
- A window - type of address bar with the resulting icon.

- If the result you like - click "Download favicon.ico!».In the resulting window, select the download "Save" to save to your hard drive icon.
If you want to change something:

- click "Edit icon" - and then in the simple graphical editor, make your changes.

- or select the "Create another icon" - and try to build it from another file.
adds an icon to your website.
Upload icon in the root directory of your website.

- for example, "www" or "public_html".If you do not know the exact path to the root directory - ask him to support services.
Prescribe on every page between the tags and the two lines:
(Now this step is optional. Browsers can find favicon.ico and without these lines).