See the graphics card installed in your computer system unit, it is possible through the properties of the operating system.Click "Start" and select "Run."In the dialog box, type dxdiag, and press Enter on your keyboard.Click "OK" and wait for the utility to load DirectX.
On the first tab you can see the model of your computer and the total amount of RAM.Perhaps these parameters are also very useful.Go to the tab "Display".On the left is the name of the video card and its basic parameters - this information you need.There are other
ways that allow you to see what is card .
Right-click on the icon "My Computer" and select the drop-down list, select the "Device Manager" or "Properties" and in the properties window - the same "Device Manager."
Manager window displays all the information on the components of your computer.Select the third option "Display Adapters" and expand the information about it by clicking the left mouse button on the small triangle to the left.You will see the full name of the video card model.Remember it.
In your browser, type the name of the video card in the Search box and press enter on your keyboard.Click on the first link, note is fully identical with the name of your graphics card listed.The Internet is easy to find a complete description of the graphics device, if you know the exact model.
with the name and model of video card you can decide if you remove the cover and simply read the label on the board - always a conscientious manufacturer specifies the fully qualified name of the device, however, there are exceptions.