you need
  • -file update VGA BIOS, software that allows you to make the firmware.
Before embarking on such a crucial operation, ensure loyalty to the decision.Some problems can be solved with a new set of drivers.Sometimes the issues that you care about, do not depend on the firmware.First, you should know your video processor.Right-click on the desktop - Click the "Properties" - tab "Options" - in the "Display" you can see the model of your card.
To flash the BIOS video card NVidia, you will need to download the firmware file, the image of a bootable floppy disk and the program NvFlash.Floppy image you have to copy on a floppy disk to start the program for the firmware.In the BIOS settings of the motherboard you must be a value under Floppy Disk Boot.
3 Insert the floppy disk and restart the computer.After downloading data from a floppy disk, type nvflash -f mybios.bin.It is worth noting that mybios.bin - is the name of the firmware file.You can call it whatever you like.When the video card BIOS version, the system keeps the old firmware file named oldbios.bin.After finishing firmware reboot the computer.Remove the floppy disk before rebooting.
To flash the BIOS ATI graphics card you'll need all the same, but from the manufacturer ATI.The name of the program, which provides a different firmware - AtiFlash.
Operation firmware in this case, is undergoing some changes.After the download of data from a floppy disk, type atiflash -s 0 oldbios.bin.This allows you to immediately save the old firmware file to a floppy disk.After restarting the computer, type atiflash -p 0 mybios.bin.After removing the floppy, reboot.
If the video card firmware fails, then you need to acquire an additional graphics card.You can take a very old card or buy the cheap, just to get an image on the monitor.Switch to another card cables.If need be, make the installation of drivers for the new card.
To restore the old firmware for video cards NVidia, you must obtain a code card.When you start your computer, type nvflash -a.Then you can enter the following command nvflash -ix -f oldbios.bin (x - code for the video card).Turn off the computer - the second video card, remove and test the first card.
To restore the old firmware for video card ATI, the graphics card is necessary to get the code.When you start your computer, type atiflash -i.Then you can enter the following command atiflash -px myoldbios.bin (x - code for the video card).
Turn the computer off - remove the second card and test the first card.