Pay attention to the upper block of buttons on the keyboard.It is here that there is a button that allows you to take a screenshot of the screen of the laptop.It is called "Print Screen" or the abbreviation "PrScr" and usually follows immediately after the function key F12.
Press the "Print Screen" at the right time.Ready screenshot will be copied to your computer's clipboard - a special internal memory area for temporary copying of the information.To avoid accidentally erase take a screen shot, temporarily refrain from operations to copy various data.
Open a standard Microsoft Windows application for image editing, called MS Paint.You can find it in the list of standard programs in the "Start" menu.On the top bar, click th
e tab "Edit" and there select "Paste".You can also use a combination of keys «CTRL + V».As a result, a screenshot of the screen laptop that you have done, you will see the program as an image.Edit it as needed: increase or decrease in size, cut the extra part of the border, or, change the palette of colors, add your notes, etc.
Save screenshot by selecting the tab "File" function "Save as ..." or by pressing «CTRL + S».Specify the appropriate image format and name it, and then select the folder where it will be placed and click "Save".Similarly, you can make a screenshot on a laptop unlimited number of times.