If you are having problems downloading the system, a user typically presses the button F8, hoping to enter the recovery menu.If that fails, he can select Last Known Good Configuration or, failing that, enter in Safe Mode.But if the recovery menu can not open, many people begin to think about how to reinstall the system.
If you do not see on the screen is nothing but a lonely blinking cursor is likely corrupted MBR.Try to restore it, for this you will need the installation disc of your operating system.Insert it into the drive, restart your computer.Select the installation from a CD, by pressing F12 - many computers at the same time there is a boot device selection menu.If you have that does not work, enter the BIOS
(usually Press Del or F2) and set the first boot from the CD.
Start the installation of Windows, wait until the dialog box "Installing Windows XP Professional".Click its menu item "To repair a Windows XP Recovery Console, press [R = Restore]."Via a R Recovery Console will appear.You will be asked about in which a copy of Windows must be logged.If you have one running, type 1 and press Enter.
When asked to enter your administrator password, enter it.If you did not have a password, just press Enter.You will see a line C: WINDOWS & gt ;, enter fixboot command and press Enter.When asked about the recording of the new boot sector enter y (yes) and press Enter.The message of the successful record of the boot sector, you will find the familiar line C: WINDOWS & gt ;.
Now type the command fixmbr.A warning of a possible loss of data.Confirm your agreement to the establishment of MBR, type y and press Enter.New boot record will be created.Reboot by typing exit.If you change the settings of BIOS, log back in and return the boot from the hard drive, save the changes.After the release of the BIOS operating system should boot correctly.
to recover boot Windows 7, you also need a boot disk.Start with the installation of a Windows.After the installation files will be saved to your computer, select the keyboard layout, then set the OS.Select the line Use recovery tools that can help fix problems starting Windows and click Next.
window opens with a selection of recovery options, click Startup Repair.Begin troubleshooting boot at the end of the process, restart the computer - operating system should be loaded.