, use the "symbol table" of the operating system to find the correct code for you to sign.Run it can be a link in the main menu on the button "Start" - opened it, go to "All Programs", then in the "Standard", then in the section "Tools" and then select "Symbol Table."There is a shortcut: press the keyboard shortcut win + r, to open a dialogue running programs, and then type the command charmap and click «OK».
find in the symbol table, the code which interests you and click it with the mouse.The hexadecimal code that will be the serial number of the mark in the Unicode table, you will see in the
lower left corner of the utility - it is written with a prefix of U +.After the colon is placed in the same name of the character in English.In the lower right corner after a prefix Alt + placed the ordinal number of the character in ASCII-table.
similar symbol table and have a text editor Microsoft Office Word.To reach it we must go to the tab "Insert" command group and "Symbols" to reveal the drop-down list on the "symbol."The lowest point in the list ("Other characters") and opens the symbol table.After you find and select your preferred sign, the code can be seen in the "code mark".
Take Your Online table correspond to character codes as an alternative to software tools.However, in most cases such tables oriented application code to place characters in web pages.For example, at can be found ready for insertion into HTML-source code ten thousand characters.If we discard the prefix & amp; # and the semicolon at the end, you can use a purified character code in its sole discretion, not only in HTML-documents.